Raise-a-Reader Day 2011

We’re very happy to have been a part of this year’s Raise-a-Reader Day! The wonderful photos below were shot at our animation studio here in Saskatoon. Thank you to everyone for your support of literacy within Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Canada. Make sure to visit the Postmedia website for helpful tips to encourage literacy! (And for those of you living in Saskatchewan please visit the Saskatchewan Literacy Network website.)

How are you raising a reader?

Photographer: Vanessa Neufeld @Vanessa Neufeld
Fashion Stylist and Dress Designer: Chelsey Gruza @chelseygruza
Accesories: Tonic- A Shop for Women @tonicsaskatoon
Hair: Amanda Dreis @chopchopsalonsk
Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz @chopchopsalonsk
Models: Jennilee @jennileecs
Dragon: Wide Open Theatre
Special Thanks to Daniel Cote at Bricker’s Shoes who donated the paper for our paper bag dresses.

The power of the graphic novel can bring turn us all into comic book heroes.

Photographer: Kevin Greggain
Asst to Photographer: Dylan Greggain
Models: Katrina and sons
Katrina’s Hair: Keith Bastian @chopchopsalonsk
Sons’ hair: Sheila Morris @chopchopsalonsk
Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz @chopchopsalonsk

Interact with e-books; just like a traditional children’s book, we can fall into the story in our imaginations.

Photographer: Naidu Photography
Adult Model: Bobby Henry from the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network
Models’ Hair: Sheila Morris @chopchopsalonsk
Models Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz @chopchopsalonsk
Bobby’s outfit: @MintFashionCo

Wapos Bay Controls all Television

A little known fact about Wapos Bay is every year we get a phone call from someone who thinks we control Television. This seems crazy but there is a sane answer. We’re in the Yellow pages of the phone book as a Television Producer. In fact we’re the only listing.That means if anyone is unhappy with their TV show, any TV show, and wants to complain they open their book and turn to this page. Our page. You may think, “how often can this happen?” The answer is once a year.

Just today someone inquiring about their remote. He needed one with bigger buttons…

So he called us. Why? Because Wapos Bay controls TV!

Last year I was yelled at due to an a channel failing to put on an elderly lady’s soap opera.

I’ve even been berated due to bad reception from an antenna.

I could explain that I cannot help them, instead I try to fix their problems with my mind. The bad reception guy I told to change channels back and forth a bunch of times. That used to work for me when I was a kid. Then I tried to psychically fix it with my mind. I told him to hold on and I’ll see if I can do anything on my end. At that point I closed my eyes and thought hard. It didn’t work.

So I do try to help even though it’s out of my control. I assured the guy who needed bigger buttons on his remote that there were stores in town that can help.

The soap opera lady though was not looking for help she just wanted to yell.

So you heard it here first. Wapos Bay Controls TV.

Courtesy Trevor Cameron, Story Editor