Our deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of our dear friend Gordon Tootoosis, who just yesterday passed away. Gordon was a beautiful man with a generous heart. Our cast, crew and production team will miss his giving nature and tireless support of Wapos Bay. Gordon’s presence filled the world of Wapos Bay with magic, his voice and his spirit made us feel a part of something larger than a television program, in short he created magic around him that we are proud to share with children and families around the world.

Gordon was with Wapos Bay from the beginning playing the character Mushom.  The production team always looked forward to his recording sessions.  The animators embodied his mannerism that were captured within the audio. Gordon’s guidance was instrumental in crafting our Mushom character.

He was acclaimed for his commitment to preserving his culture and to telling his people’s stories. Gordon ensured this would happen when he would come in a second time to record his Mushom character in the Cree language. He was very happy to provide this as it was at the top of his mind for his own grandchildren and great grandchildren. Gordon offered encouragement, support and training to our young aspiring Aboriginal actors on Wapos Bay. His contributions to the Aboriginal community, as well as to the cultural community in Canada, cannot be measured.

Hiy, hiy Gordon.

Here are a couple of our favourite clips of Gordon as Mushom: