Q: What do you need to make video games?

A: Computers.  Ok, that answer might be overly simple, but I think that the question “WHO do you need to make video games?” is more interesting…

There are some video game companies who have hundreds of employees working in teams in space-aged offices, with robots that roam the halls offering bowls of free candy.  And then there are some video game companies who have only one employee who does it all, working tirelessly out of her mom’s basement, surrounded by pizza boxes and empty Dr. Pepper cans.

Gratefully, Phantom Compass falls somewhere in between… Robots kind of scare me.  With four full-time employees and many fantastic contractors, Phantom Compass creates rocking games.

Here is a breakdown of WHO Phantom Compass needs to make the “Wapos Racerz” game for you.

-ARTISTS- Often seen sipping a coffee from a ridiculously small cup with odd little moustaches, the artists are the ones charged with making the game look and sound nice.  They have an imagination for the finished game experience, the artistic skill to create the art needed and often have the technical know-how to get it done.

-PROGRAMMERS- Programmers can look at a problem, debate the 5 billion possible solutions and choose the most efficient solution to move forward with… all in about a nano-second.  They are kind of like robots… but friendly ones, that smile.  They work with and sometimes even create the game’s engine (which is the computer code that makes the game run) and often even make their own tools (programs that run in the game engine) for artist and other programmers to work with.

-DIRECTORS- Like a ships captain, they lead their crew out into the stormy seas of Game Development and safely back to the quiet shores of Final Delivery.  Directors make decisions on which direction the game should go and direct the artists and programmers every step of the way.

-ORGANIZERS- These people are sometimes called Producers or Project Managers, but really they are just like a Mom or Dad who makes sure that everyone is fed, gets to their after-school activities on time, has their homework done and always has a band aid ready in case someone falls down.

So, now you know WHO Phantom Compass needs to create “Wapos Racerz” for you.  These team members are all working hard getting ready for our next deadline.

Keep your eye out for more postings, where you will get to meet some of our team members… None of which are robots.


Ericka Evans,

Producer for Phantom Compass