Wapos Racerz, where the kids from Wapos Bay take their go-karts to the streets and trails, is nearly ready to rumble. The game is approaching its “Beta” stage of development, which means it’s a bit rough around the edges, but just about done. We’ve been working hard this year with the Wapos Bay Interactive team in bringing the characters and scenes of the series into the game world. As you race through the streets and back roads, the cast of character dot the town and countryside. Keep your eye out for cool little areas that make you want to slow down to look around. My fav spots are the drive-in theatre and the waterpark. On your tour through town, be sure to collect “Slushy Kitty” cups, grab a rabbit pickup to boost you to the front of the pack and avoid turtle pickups that will slow you down. There are even some hidden Easter Eggs for you keeners!

Courtesy Ericka Evans, Producer at Phantom Compass